About Us

Video production for the creators of the future

At the end of February 2020, when the crisis seemed clear, video professionals Aleksi Hietanen and Sami Kosonen decided to join forces and harness their skills to tackle the challenges of the new era.

HIEKO Films was born

We are a creative team of video technicians, cinematographers and VFX artists.

We are video fanatics, fearless problem solvers and friendly people. 

We are here for those who see the opportunity when the rest of the world has only just realized the threat – because we are leaders too.

We are happy to discuss your event, photo session or video project with you by phone or face-to-face. As an ambitious and growing team, we are always ready for new adventures. Contact us!

We are here to lead the way.


Aleksi Hietanen

Founder, CEO, Videographer, Technical Supervisor

Pinja Leppälä

Webmaster, Live Stream Coordinator, Video Production Assistant

Markku Keski-Oja

Videographer & Editor

Teemu Liimatainen

Music & Live Stream Specialist

Matti Hietanen

Co-Founder, Photographer Supervisor