Video production


Green Screen

Green Screen and 3D technology make it possible to create virtual backgrounds and environments for every situation. Our green screen area measures 6 meters x 5 meters x 3 meters (height). With additional fabrics it is possible to increase the depth up to 8 meters. The studio is equipped with high quality filming and lighting equipment and an excellent audio technology.

The studio also has a comprehensive range of facilities and equipment for still photography.


All cameras have comprehensive rigging options, as well as a range of motorized sliders, jibs and stabilizers. Optics are available in a wide range of scales from ultra-wide to long telephoto. Ask for more information on the lens range. If and when you want to take your images to higher altitudes, the studio has the DJI Mavic 2 Pro (x2), DJI Mavic 2 Air and a custom fpv drone.

Main cameras in the studio:
Sony A1 (8K-video ja 4K RAW)
Sony FX9 (4K RAW)
Sony FS5 (4K RAW) 

B-cameras in the studio:
Sony A7S III (4K RAW)
Sony A7R III
Sony A9
Sony A7S II


Lighting is provided by Godox's powerful continuous COB-LED lights and HSS-compatible flash lights for photography. A wide range of light sources is available, from smaller softboxes and umbrellas to giant reflectors over two meters in length.


The sound system is a state-of-the-art Universal Audio Apollo system, offering 32 inputs, Universal Audio 4-710D Twin-Finity preamplifier, and effects with 2 millisecond latency. The system is compatible with all major DAW software.

3D Production

Whether it's a straightforward product launch or a high-flying promotional film, 3D animation captures your audience's attention and brings your wildest ideas to life. We offer high quality 3D implementations for both stills and video productions. For live streams, we produce customized real-time 3D virtual studios and effects.


In pre-production, an idea and a script are taken and built up into the desired entity. This includes gathering pre-production material, editing and rehearsing the performers. 


And the camera rolls! Whether we're in the studio, flying drones on location or building animations, we're always excited when the camera is rolling.

The camera team and production team will always guide you during production. 


From colour grading, headlines and motion graphics, to sound effects, audio and music; we make sure everything looks and sounds great. Because we want you to be as happy with the end product as we are. 

Finished product